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Workplace Refresh

A 15-30min demonstration of breathing and manageable stretching designed for the workplace. Our techniques relieve accumulated stress from the neck, shoulders, lower back, knees and feet. An adjustable service for employers and employees that can be demonstrated in a space the size of a chair, desk or workstation. These simple techniques will refresh the mind and body while increasing efficiency and morale in the work place.

Couples Yoga

A fun and intriguing way for couples to stay absorbed in fitness, communication and healthy living. Couples interact in gentle yoga and massage techniques, bonding in partnership to help each other build introspect of mind, body and spirit.

Yoga Classes

Our classes are taught from a gentle beginner’s base and can progress to various levels from soft to full impact.

Body Challenge

A non-traditional body challenge enveloping a combination of mindfulness, cardio and sequence stretching. Body Challenge hinges on a holistic mixture of core conditioning, flexibility, mental mechanics and strength training.

Body Refresh

A massage overtone with gentle stretching, great for circulation, muscle rejuvenation and a lasting relaxation.

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Public Speaking

Marshawn Feltus is an inspiring public speaker with a real story. His community involvement and personal experience give his audience the true perspective that despite having gone down a dangerous path, there is a pathway to realize Awareness, Change and Triumph. Marshawn continues to share his story to empower others that have been faced with all types of struggles and help them find a place of strength and balance in the mind, body and spirit.

  • Schools – Marshawn’s message “ACTivate” gives vivid insight to Conflict Resolution, Mental Mechanics, Lifeskills, his past mistakes and his quest to Triumph.
  • Corporate/formal Groups – Marshawn’s message “Fit for the work” compartmentalize life’s issues and provide tangible solution for stress reduction Mental Mechanics, Lifeskills and living life with balance.
  • Church congregations – “No man is an island” Marshawn’s message illuminates his testimony of how he lived more time in prison than on the streets. A true life battle of doubt vs faith and a God given ministry anchored to his life testimony.
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