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What People Are Saying

The Life Effect of ACT Yoga” REWARDING & REVITALIZING…… The experience of something new is almost always a challenge! In 2012 ACT Yoga welcomed myself and family the opportunity for much needed time to discover the essence of life through consistent exercise of the mind, body & spirit! ACT Yoga has empowered me…. As a single mother, realizing the power to detach yourself from daily routines, circumstances, people and places just to recalibrate/refresh your perspective of your purpose in life is promising to your well-being! ACT Yoga was loyal to their mission…..despite what may have been an inconvenience; time and place was never an issue, We got it in! My children were invited at times in the Park District to enjoy their play time as well as taking the advantage to breathe-stretch-position when offered! It is to the advantage of reaching set goals through ACT Yoga; from breathe to breathe, stretch to stretch, position to position becoming more experienced over time. Your mind, body and soul must be willing to adjust and be prepared to focus on the result of the aftermath! I AM ACT YOGA!Lilonda Brooks
I was introduced to Marshawn at R.I.B.S Ministry, I had every excuse in the world as to why I couldn’t come out. My excuses were honest, being a stay at home mom dealing with my children and home life. You find yourself so busy caught up with cooking meals, laundry, cleaning the house, bills, grocery shopping,church/ministry work, soccer games, basketball practice and games and having time for my husband when he gets home. Noticed I never mentioned having time for myself. Marshawn offered me a free demonstration of his personal one on one service. WOW!!!! My experience of being stretch, deep breathing, focusing on the inner me, took me to a place of relaxation for deep meditation. This experience was mind blowing and it show me that I needed to make much needed time for myself. Tiffany Robinson

A Special Thanks to those who made this possible

DaveHeinzPicDave Heinz – A devoted husband & father, community leader, generous & faithful member First Congregational Church of Western Springs. On behalf of the staff of ACT Yoga, we thank you for your selflessness and your willingness to be an example of extending God’s blessings.