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The journey to Awareness, Change, and Triumph!

Marshawn Devon Feltus, a Chicago west-side native, just shy of his eighteenth birthday, was sentenced to 38 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for first degree murder. “It was a case of unnecessary, senseless violence.”

Having served 18 years and 9 months in prison Marshawn used his incarceration as a university. “I had lived more time in prison than on the streets,” he reflects. During his imprisonment, Mr. Feltus obtained his GED and completed several years of college courses. Among his accomplishments, Marshawn mentored and tutored fellow inmates in basic education and life skills. While incarcerated, Marshawn was introduced to his first yoga class. There was a level of healing and peace that he realized in the practice, that made him want to share it with his fellow inmates. He later became a co-instructor and helped train more than 800 men in Yoga. Upon his release, he volunteered at a local community center where he gained employment.

In 2013, Marshawn opened the first yoga studio in Chicago’s Austin area, ACT Yoga. The company name was inspired by his personal journey to Awareness, Change & Triumph. Marshawn is an alumnus of the Bethel New life entrepreneurship program and the Chicago Yoga Center, where he earned his certification to teach yoga.

  • 20+ years of experience and analytical research of Cook County Jail & Illinois Department Of Correction——*Currently teaching yoga & meditation at CCJ
  • Founded ACT Yoga program in 2009, opened studio in 2013
  • Bethel New Life Entrepreneur alumnus
  •  Certified yoga instructor- Chicago yoga center
  •  EYT – Chicago Yoga Center and Prison Yoga Project w/ James Fox
  •  Certified for Crisis Prevention Intervention
  •  Trained in Mindfulness Meditation W/Christopher Chroniak
  •  Public Health Educator- HIV/AIDS & STD’s
  •  Trained in Conflict Resolution and Behavioral Management
  •  Experienced ,Trauma Sensitive Instructor (ETSI)
  •  CPR Certified
  • Active President of We Are Light, npo
  •  Former Board of Directors, Westside Health Authority
  • Active member , Advisory Board, Yoga Service Council
  •  Youth Mentor, Westside Health Authority

As founder and owner of ACT Yoga, Marshawn is on a mission to fulfill his life’s assignment: teach, touch and transmit Awareness, Change & Triumph.

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Public Speaking

Marshawn Feltus is an inspiring public speaker with a real story. His community involvement and personal experience gives his audience the true perspective that despite having gone down a dangerous path, there is a pathway to realize Awareness, Change and Triumph. Marshawn continues to share his story to empower others that have been faced with all types of struggles and help them find a place of strength and balance in the mind, body and spirit.

  • Schools – Marshawn’s message “ACTivate” gives vivid insight to Conflict Resolution, Mental Mechanics, Lifeskills, his past mistakes and his quest to Triumph.
  • Corporate/formal Groups – Marshawn’s message “Fit for the work” compartmentalize life’s issues and provide tangible solution for stress reduction Mental Mechanics, Lifeskills and living life with balance.
  • Church congregations“No Man Is An Island” Marshawn’s message illuminates his testimony of how he lived more time in prison than on the streets. A true life battle of doubt vs faith and a God given ministry anchored to his life testimony.
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Our Mission and Vision

To stimulate and promote a renewed and continuous commitment of mental, physical, and spiritual progression, that we may live our inherent identity, subduing and having dominion over mind, body, and spirit.

To restore the innate ability to achieve Awareness, Change and Triumph having dominion over the threefold living of mind, body, and spirit.